A Novel of North Korea

Hyejin Kim

"Reminiscent of Red Azalea, Hyejin Kim's poignant first novel takes us along on a harrowing journey as Jia comes of age in the totalitarian and famine-stricken North Korea." —Mia Yun, author of Translations of Beauty and House of the Winds

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$14.95 ISBN: 978-1-57344-275-6

Another Love

Erzsébet Galgóczi

"Liberally laced with illicit affairs, provincial corruption, and characters' drunken musings on freedom, Another Love doesn't disappoint....Was Szalanczky's death murder or suicide? Was she a fool for love or just a sucker for utopia? Another Love asks some questions that matter." —Village Voice

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$14.95 ISBN: 978-1-57344-298-5

The Diary of a Political Idiot:
Normal Life in Belgrade

Jasmina Tesanovic

"Shows us how they could be us; what it feels like, what it is like to be trapped in a country isolated by its regime, where completely ordinary people pay for the crimes of their leaders." —Tim Judah, author of Kosovo: War and Revenge

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$14.95 ISBN: 157344-114-7

The Little School:
Tales of Survival and Disappearance

Alicia Partnoy

"Remarkable…for her flinty humor and her determination to take joy from any source–the smell of rain, the imagined taste of a soft drink, the sight of her own feet through a loosely tied blindfold." —Tobias Wolff

$14.95 ISBN: 157344-029-9

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No Place Like Home:
Echoes from Kosovo

Melanie Friend

"[B]rings stark and simple, bright colour portraits from the refugee camps of Macedonia, set against the testimonies of survivors...This moving book documents ordinary people in extraordinary times." —Financial Times

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$39.95 ISBN: 157344-119-8

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